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What's that falling from the sky?

What's that falling from the sky?

Got to admit, although I enjoy sunshine over rain, yesterday was nice!

Got Shade?

Got Shade?

It's not so bad outside....IF you can find some good shade!

Weekend Campers Should Be Aware Of Lightning Danger!

With the hot summer weather in the forecast for the Valley, many people will try to find away to escape and stay cool. A popular option is heading to the high country for camping! A chance of Sierra thunderstorms this weekend creates a potential danger, because there is a very common and sometimes deadly misunderstanding about lightning that all outdoor enthusiast should be aware of.

A thunderstorm does not have to be overhead for a person to be at risk of being struck by lightning.

A storm even ten miles away should be considered very dangerous.

If you hear thunder…move to shelter immediately. Go inside a sturdy building if possible or take cover inside a vehicle. If the vehicle is your only option, do not touch the steering wheel or sides of the car. The metal will conduct the electricity around the occupants of the vehicle if it gets struck.

Triple Digit Temps This Weekend! Avoid Heat Related Illnesses!

Fellow Natomas resident and News10 co-worker Melissa Crowley told me she witnessed a young boy suffer from potential signs of heat exhaustion at a local pool recently. This raised my concern knowing that temperatures will be heating to triple digits through the weekend and for the first time since the start of July.

What usually is our hottest month of the year has been surprisingly cool, considering most days trended below normal. With a heat spike coming for the weekend around the century mark, the rise in temperature could catch you off guard, setting you up for over exposure and possible health risks.

Temperature Watch: Day 3!

Temperature Watch: Day 3!

I couldn't stand it any longer! AC is on! I will sleep well tonight :)

Also, The Muffins (my two Yorkies) are very happy!

Temperature Watch Continues…

Temperature Watch Continues…

Day 2 of being tempted to turn on AC.

Almost at breaking point…

Temperatures in the 90s return! Be ready for the heat!

For the first time since the first week of July, day time highs will hit the low to mid 90s over the next few days!

Even though it isn't a great heat-up (actually, it's right around normal) it could still be a shock to those who've grown accustomed to the mild weather we've been experiencing this summer!

So to help you enjoy the warmer temperatures safely, I thought I'd pass on a list of heat safety tips!

Heat Safety:

1. Stay hydrated. Keep in mind, even though you maybe staying cool swimming in a pool, you can still become dehydrated so always consume a lot of water!

2. Find a way to stay cool. As mentioned above, a swimming pool can be refreshing and fun, but the best way to really give your body a break is by seeking cool shelter out of the suns rays. Seek an area with air conditioning, misters or shade.

3. Don't forget the sunscreen! If you are enjoying water activities or sweating apply once an hour.