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Photo Gallery | Social Media Club hosts informative 'Fashion Blogging & Social Media' Event

Sacramento Fashion Week is in full swing, so what better way to honor that then to have Sacramento Social Media Club hosted a great 'Fashion Blogging & Social Media' panel discussion.  The event was held at the Urban Hive Tuesday night, Feb. 18.

The moderator was none other than News10 My Neighborhood contributor Kari Shipman, who has a vintage boutique and website blog known as Juniper James.

Her panelists were Justina Sharp - A Bent Piece of Wire, Vanessa Labi - Babe-sicle, Phoebe Verkouw - The Dress Fiend and Haley Titus - Colour Me Classic.

The full packed audience were attentive, had lots of questions, and were very interested in what these ladies had to say.  Though each of the panelist came to fashion from a different background and focus, they all felt that it was important to represent themselves honestly.  For those interested in becoming fashion bloggers, the key take-away was "to be yourself" and keep the integrity of who you are.  And, though they all use multiple social media tools, Instagram was their favorite.