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Schools doing some cool things!

Schools doing some cool things!

This weekend's Teen Youth Traffic Safety Summit was incredible to see what teens are doing to spread the message about the dangers of distracted and drunk driving. I'd love to know what your school is doing and any positive events coming up.


And you can take the pledge together as a family not to text and drive  on www.news10.net


And the Friday Night Live program is doing great things!


Back to School Tuesday

Hope everyone had a great summer! It's back to school in Natomas Tuesday at many schools at 7:45 am. CHP says it's a reminder to slow down and not use those cell phones especially around the school zones. Have a great year!

Natomas Park Elementary School promises to have class lists posted by 5pm Monday!

8 Year Old CEO Jumping For Joy About His Business

8 Year Old CEO Jumping For Joy About His  Business

While some eight year olds are learning about simple arithmetic and grammer,8 year old Zack Xerri of Roseville is mastering the fine art of entrepreneurship. The proud CEO of Zack’s House To Bounce young Xerri spends afternoons and weekends running the company which exposes him to the concept of cash flow, alternative advertising and according to his mother Bobbi Xerri,a great deal of giving back!

The young Xerri’s mother says her children have been involved in entrepreneurship all their lives because she herself has a business called To Be Tie Dyed (providing unique tie died gifts and garments to the public).”Zack went to a birthday party with a jump house last Spring and came home saying mom I need one of those so I can rent it out and make some money”.” We provided the start up capitol which he has more than returned” she goes onto say.

Calling all kindergartners

Calling all kindergartners

If you have a little one who will be starting kindergarten this Fall or know someone who does make sure they register asap. Usually classes can adjust for a few last-minute registrations but due to budgets some teachers may not be able to have a class if not everyone registers prior to school starting. So please make sure to do it! With many Natomas schools closed for the summer call the Natomas Unified School District Office for details.

1901 Arena Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95834-3721
(916) 567-5400

We love Ms Bains from Natomas Park for afternoon kindergarten!!!

Neighbors asked to help protect schools over Memorial Day

Neighbors asked to help protect schools over Memorial Day

Memorial Day may mark the official start of backyard barbecue season, but for school districts, the holiday weekend can be anything but relaxing as vandals, thieves and arsonists take advantage of empty campuses.

In light of this, Sacramento Unified School District (SCUSD) is asking the community for help in keeping schools safe and secure over the three-day break (May 28-30).

“Most of our schools are surrounded by homes, and we need those neighbors to join us in protecting these valuable and sometimes vulnerable community centers,” said Sacramento Police Lt. Katherine Lester, who heads SCUSD security services.

Neighbors are asked to be on the lookout for suspicious activity on SCUSD campuses and to report it. “The schools belong to the community,” said Lester, “and we need the entire community to help us guard them.”

For schools within Sacramento city limits call (916) 264-5471.

Class of 2011: Congratulations Arianna Padayachee

Class of 2011: Congratulations Arianna Padayachee

Arianna Padayachee graduated Junior High School with flying colors from Natomas Charter School and will be entering the 9th grade at Natomas Charter in the Fall. Great job Ari! We are so very proud of you. You will make an excellent Attorney some day. Keep up the great work! Can you say Disneyland this summer?!! - Dad.

Have a graduating student in your family? Send their photo to now@news10.net.


Local children’s book author, Bill Kirk, reads stories to students at Merryhill School

Local children’s book author, Bill Kirk, reads stories to students at Merryhill School

SACRAMENTO - Merryhill School in Sacramento received a special visit from local children’s author, Bill Kirk, on Friday, May 13 in celebration of the school’s book donation to Greenhaven Estates retirement community. During his visit, Kirk read three of his favorite books to students, including “There’s A Spider In My Sink,” “There’s A Beatle In My Bed,” and “My Grandma’s Kitchen Rules!” This event served as a culmination for Merryhill’s first grade Giving Without Walls project, which included first graders collecting books for the school’s library and the Greenhaven Estates retirement community.  

The Giving Without Walls program allows students to be active participants in their communities by independently orchestrating a variety of service-oriented projects.