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Natomas residents deal with construction post-moratorium | News

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Natomas residents deal with construction post-moratorium

Natomas is seeing a lot of construction in the area since the building moratorium from 2008 was lifted earlier this summer.

In certain neighborhoods, a lot of construction is going on right next to homes that have been there for many years. Residents of those communities said they had mixed feelings.

Brandon Raider moved his growing family into a Natomas home four months ago.

"Right when we moved in, they lifted the moratorium and were able to start building. I think it's something we want to see--the community continue to build. However having brand new child 2 weeks old, building across the street [does] pose a little bit of a challenge," said Raider.

However, Raider said he knew more construction could potentially happen. "You figure you see an empty lot across from you, there could be more construction going on," said Raider.

As a renter of his home though, Raider said his neighbors have even greater concerns about the value of their homes going down with all these new homes being built right next door.

Raider said he would appreciate more communication about what's going on in his own neighborhood.

"We understand that there's going to be construction but what are we building? Is it enhancing the community? Is it enhancing the value of our current homes?" asked Raider.

According to the city's planning committee, the answer was yes.

"People will find that a complete neighborhood is a better neighborhood than one that's half built, so allowing that construction to continue will add value over time," said Tom Pace, the interim planning director.

Pace said more homes in the area would mean more businesses, amenities, more parks, schools, and jobs - all things residents want to see in their community.