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Sacramento Army vet leaving to fight ISIS | News

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Sacramento Army vet leaving to fight ISIS

NATOMAS – The images put out by ISIS are gut-wrenching. For one Sacramento Army veteran, he's seen enough and is ready to take action.

Very soon Ciel, who did not want his last name published, will travel to the Middle East to join the fight against the terror group. Once there, Ciel will meet up with fellow American veterans and join the Kurdistan militia.

"The 'A Team' -- a group of veterans against ISIS," he said.

Ciel is the newest member of the group and is ready to fight.

"We're going to go out there and meet up with the YPG," he said. "And, we're going to get our weapons and gear; and we're going to make our way and start meeting ISIS head on."

Ciel said he and the other vets have a lot of valuable experience to offer the fight.

"ISIS doesn't know how to combat U.S. forces," he said. "Even though we are not being backed by the U.S. military, we still have U.S. military training drilled into us, it's something that we've done for years, every day."

Ciel said they will work with Kurdistan forces, share information and train to be a united front.

"Obviously, the worst case scenario is I don't make it back or I make it back paralyzed or missing a limb or whatever, but the best case scenario is going over there and pushing them as far back and letting the Kurdistan forces be able to hold their own or train them up to hold their own," Ciel said.

He said many people are struggling with his decision to go overseas; but, for him, it feels like the right thing to do, and he's fighting for a greater cause.

"If I can go over there and my team can save a town from being absolutely massacred -- that's what I want to leave behind," Ciel said.

Ciel said some supplies and ammo will be provided once he gets to his destination. He has set up a GoFundMe page to help with other supplies.