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Flight Tracker: Check by flight number, route or airport

Travelling this holiday season? Before you leave, check out USA Today's flight Tracker.

You can look at airport delays across the country and check on individual flights.

Click here to go to Flight Tracker.

Store maps for your Black Friday shopping game plan

One of the major keys to a successful in-store Black Friday experience is knowing where the retailer's putting the deals, and how that store is laid out.

Click on any store name below and you'll find the only hand-drawn deal maps in the country (exclusive to our network of stations). Please note that some store sections will differ slightly, others may be the mirror image of a map. Knowing a store's layout could easily put a deal in your hands first.

Happy Shopping!

Click on any store name below to download the map.

CONTEST: Announcing the winner of the pet photo sweepstakes!

Congratulations to Harley and his morning face! You are the winner of a $500 photo package from G and G Productions plus a pet goodie bag!

Thank you everyone for sending in your photos! We love all of our News10 My Neighborhood pets!

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