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Woman facing eviction after theft of rent checks from drop box

SACRAMENTO, CA - Krystle DeGuzmen said she paid her rent, but now faces possible eviction.

DeGuzmen said she dropped off her November rent in River Terrace's rent drop box, but was notified her rent money order along with nearly a dozen others were stolen.

FPI Management, the company that runs River Terrace Apartments said 10 checks and money orders were stolen from the drop box at their property and 30 rental properties in the area were targeted as well.

A FPI Management representative said they are offering tenants' payment plans to repay their rent.

"I told them I have so many other bills I have to pay," Deguzmen said. "I told them, 'The last thing I can do is pay you last month's rent I already paid you.' They told me if I don't pay or set up a payment plan that they were going to set up a 30 day notice and evict me."

Police: Naked man arrested in downtown Sacramento

SACRAMENTO - A naked man was taken into custody Saturday night after after a short foot pursuit and struggle with officers in the Downtown area, said Sacramento police.

According to police, Brooks was spotted around 4 p.m. without any clothes on in the area of 8th St. and H St.

When officers attempted to stop him, Brooks fled on foot. He was eventually caught and arrested following a brief struggle, said police.  

Brooks was booked into the Sacramento County Jail on charges of battery on a police officer, resisting arrest and indecent exposure.

Natomas woman sentenced 15 years to life for stepdaughter's abuse murder

SACRAMENTO, CA - The stepmother of a 6-year-old Natomas girl who died six and a half years after the stepmother was found guilty of child abuse has been sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for murder.

The child, Truly Lo, was beaten into an unconscious state by the stepmother, Weili Kao, on May 11, 2004 while the girl's father was at work, according to court documents. The girl suffered non-reversible brain damage after Kao whipped her with a coat hanger, lifted her up by her neck and slammed her into the floor twice. Although her step-daughter was unresponsive. Kao put her to bed and didn't take her to the hospital until the next morning.

Kao punished the girl because when she was sent into the bathroom for a time-out and told to stand, Kao found her an hour later sitting, according to testimony.

The beating left the 6 year old in a coma.

Kao was convicted of several counts of child abuse and given a 16-year prison sentence in 2005.

Montana man enters plea in Sac Int'l Airport firearms case

Montana man enters plea in Sac Int'l Airport firearms case

SACRAMENTO, CA - A Montana man discovered trying to bring loaded firearms and ammunition on board a flight at Sacramento International Airport last March pleaded guilty on one count of attempting to board an aircraft with a concealed, dangerous weapon.

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Harold E. Waller, 45, was carrying a loaded Smith and Wesson 9mm handgun on his person and had loaded firearms in each of his three pieces of luggage as well as ammunition loose and in clips, according to federal court documents. Records say Waller admitted he knew it was illegal to bring the firearms and weapons on the plane.

Waller had driven from Montana to Sacramento and bought a one-way ticket to Alaska on US Airways for March 22.