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2 loaded guns found at Natomas schools

SACRAMENTO, CA - Two students at two Natomas schools were arrested Tuesday after loaded handguns were found on campus.

In the incident at Discovery High School, school district spokeswoman Dolly McClellan said a handgun was found in the backpack of student who had been called to the school office. McClellan said a staff member trained in school safety saw the student try to leave the backpack behind and searched it, finding the weapon. A Sacramento police officer responded and arrested the student, McClellan said.

Also Tuesday morning, a staff member at Natomas Middle School saw a loaded handgun in a trash can at the school. Police were dispatched and removed the gun.

McClellan said an investigation led to the identification of a student in connection to the gun and the student was arrested.

Thieves hit Habitat for Humanity site in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, CA - Workers were ready to begin construction on a new home for a needy family, when a thief made off with nearly $3,000 worth of tools.

For now, construction on the Habitat for Humanity home on Frienza Avenue in Del Paso Heights is on hold, and the longer it takes to get built, the longer a family will have to wait for a roof over their heads.

To the thief, or thieves, who the tools and a new generator, worth more than $2,000, it didn't matter that the equipment was in the service of charity.

Kendra Johnson lives nearby and said burglaries are common in the neighborhood. She'd hoped the new home would drive away some of the squatters in the old rundown place and bring in a new family, with fresh hope and new dreams of a better future.

"We need something different inside this neighborhood. It's a lot of crackheads, dope fiends, people who use drugs around here, so that's who comes and breaks inside people's houses," Johnson said.

Arden Fair Mall car burglary suspects arrested

Arden Fair Mall car burglary suspects arrested

SACRAMENTO, CA - Two men police investigators suspect of committing hundreds of car burglaries in the Sacramento area over the last year have been arrested, says a police spokeswoman.

The pair, identified as Javier Garcia, 25, and Dominic Eales, 19, were found when Arden Fair Mall security officers scanned surveillance camera tapes following reports of multiple car break-ins in their lots on Jan. 30. Mall security saw two men and a suspect vehicle in the camera images and informed Sacramento police.

Police were able to find the vehicle in question as well as locate property reported stolen in burglaries, Gigante said.

Garcia and Eales are accused of burglary and conspiracy, Gigante said. They are being investigated in connection with other similar crimes.

Police: Natomas student brought handgun to school

SACRAMENTO, CA - A handgun was confiscated from a student at Natomas Middle School Wednesday afternoon, according to Sacramento police.

The gun was unloaded.

According to a Sacramento police report, school staff observed two students acting suspiciously, trying to hide something they were passing back and forth. Staff intervened and searched the students' backpack. The handgun was found in one of the backpack of one of students, a 13 year old.

Responding police officers investigated and determined the gun had not been loaded and was the property of the student's parent.

Police booked the 13 year old into Sacramento County Juvenile Hall on suspicion of bringing a firearm to school.

Man accused of murder, burning down home arrested

SACRAMENTO, CA - Two people were arrested Wednesday morning in connection to the murder of a man found inside of a burning home on Feb. 1.

David Acuna, 29, is accused of stabbing and killing Patrick Kendrick, 32; setting Kendrick's home on fire and then driving away from the scene in a white 4-door Honda Civic, Sacramento police said.

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During the investigation, police learned that Acuna and Kendrick got into an argument before the incident. On Tuesday, detectives found the Honda Civic that witnesses said they saw leaving the scene of the fire in an area of North Sacramento.

Homicide investigation underway into man found in house fire

SACRAMENTO, CA - The death of a man whose body was found inside of a home destroyed by a fire Friday morning has been deemed a homicide.

The body of 32-year-old Patrick Kendrick was found inside of a home on the 3700 block of Norwood Avenue after a fire broke out there around 10 a.m. Kendrick identification was released by the Sacramento County Coroner's Office Saturday.

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Sacramento police Officer Doug Morse said Kendrick's death is considered a homicide because of the trauma to his upper body. Detectives believe that the fire was started to cover up the initial incident, which lead to Kendrick's death.

AM/PM robbery leads to Yuba City woman's 48th arrest

YUBA CITY, CA - A woman who police say stole some food from a convenience store and physically threatened a clerk who tried to stop her was booked into the Sutter County Jail in what appears to be her 48th arrest.

Alberta Manigo, 58, is being charged with armed robbery because the AM/PM incident reportedly involved a box cutter.

It was Manigo's fourth trip to the county jail in just the past two months.

Police took Manigo into custody earlier in the week on a burglary charge.

She was booked for spousal battery involving a boyfriend at Christmas, and disorderly conduct on Nov. 13.

News10 discovered dozens of previous arrests spanning decades in Manigo's home state of Louisiana, where she went by the last name of Woods.

Manigo listed a home address on Lytle Road outside Yuba City, but neighbors say she'd recently been living out of a shopping cart.