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Young Entrepreneurs
Young Entrepreneurs

I saw these kids standing next to a golf course selling golf balls. I initially thought that it was a lemonade stand, so I pulled over to snap a quick shot. Not a bad idea.

That reminds me...I remember as a child my brother and I collected a ton of balls next to a driving range. They were on the property where my dad worked, after somehow getting through the fence that seperated the two properties. We spent hours grabbing these balls and shoving 'em into a plastic bag. We had hundreds.

We decided to call it quits and see if the shop at the driving range would give us a little money for all of our hard work. Well, they didn't see it that way. They took 'em from us and said that they belonged to them. They didn't give us a dime! How's that? They pretty much bullied us because we were kids I guess. Just a glimpse into my traumatic upbringing...