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Petition aimed at Sacramento City Council, captures 19,000 signature on homeless shelter

Sacramento City Council Members Allen Warren (left) and Larry Carr. | August 14, 2018 |  
A petition aimed at persuading Sacramento City Council Members Allen Warren and Larry Carr to support a homeless shelter plan has gathered over 19,000 signatures according to its organizer.
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Sakura-mento: Japanese-Americans in the River City

Sakura-mento: Japanese-Americans in the River City

Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. Join us at the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery:

By 1910, Sacramento had become the 4th-most Japanese-populated city in California and had a thriving Japantown. That all changed with World War II. Hear the amazing story of Japanese-American immigrants’ battle to overcome discrimination. We’ll tell you about the farmers, the merchants, and the soldiers from the 100th Battalion and 442nd Infantry Regiment, who fought to free Europe while their relatives were in camps back home. The tour is free. The cemetery is located at 1000 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818. 


Live near Davis? Like Yoga or Boxing? Which days are good for you?

​New wellness classes – yoga and boxing – are now offered at Sutter Davis Physical Therapy in Davis.

Classes are offered throughout the week to fit your schedule. Sunrise Yoga is available Monday and/or Friday mornings, while Boxing for Balance is held at noon on Tuesday and/or Thursdays.

Call for more information on how to get started with these classes.

City Treasure Will Get New Life—Midtown’s Old Marshall School

Maybe you’re old enough to remember the porcelain water fountains and wooden banister staircases; maybe you’re just charmed by the past. But when you walk inside the wooden double doors of our neighborhood’s Old Marshall School on 27th and G Streets you enter days gone by. Beware though, classroom chalkboard scribblings warn of ghosts and you’ll have to pick your way through forgotten furniture and abandoned remodel efforts.



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State grant will boost Veterans in the Arts program

The California Arts Council announced plans to award $16,200 to Yuba Sutter Arts for its Veterans in the Arts program.  ... Read More

Midtown Sacramento offers imaginative, interactive & exhilarating art during Second Saturday on 6/9

Midtown Sacramento offers imaginative, interactive & exhilarating art during Second Saturday on 6/9

A center for culture, creativity and vibrancy, Midtown Sacramento is an exciting Second Saturday Art Walk destination where local art galleries and other participating businesses collaborate to host a popular evening open house each month. Midtown guests will enjoy viewing art exhibits, participating in hands-on activities, meeting local artists, sampling food and wine, listening to live music and more. 

On Saturday, June 9, 2018, a sampling of the offerings presented by Midtown galleries and businesses include the following:

Shifting focus, Elk Grove to further explore tiny homes to address homelessness

May 31, 2018 |  
If there was any doubt that Elk Grove is no longer the semi-rural sleepy suburban community of 30 years ago that many people wax poetically about is a thing of a bygone era, that notion was recently dispelled. Elk Grove's new big city reality was made evident at a special meeting of the City Council held on Tuesday, May 29.
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