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Bodie has 1 in 2 chance of going back to duty

SACRAMENTO, CA - Sacramento police K-9 officer Bodie has a 50 percent chance of going back to work after being shot in the face, his veterinarian says.

The 3-year-old German shepherd was shot by a stolen vehicle suspect Friday morning.  His handler fired back - killing the suspect.

Bodie was in critical condition when he was taken to VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center.  He has undergone several surgeries to his mouth and neck. 

Veterinarian Chris Wong said Bodie will have another surgery on Tuesday and might be allowed to go home with his handler on Thursday.

Should Calif. require dogs to be restrained in cars?

You see it all the time -- a car heading down the street with a dog's head sticking out the driver-side window. Some dog owners think it's cute to drive with their pooch on their lap, but authorities say it's a big safety concern.

Rhode Island is debating a bill to ban dogs on laps over such safety concerns, and many Californians believe the same measure should be considered.

In California it's not officially banned, but Adrian Qunitero with the California Highway Patrol says anything to lessen distractions is a good idea, including restraining roving animals.

We asked our News10 viewers what they thought about the bill and strapping Rover in a restraining harness or seat and got some great responses from people who agree that dogs can be a distraction while driving.

Charell Parcher says, "The dog can roam the car whatever, but on a drivers lap? No. You wouldn't put your 2 year old on your lap and drive."

Cat Nap

Cat Nap

As I stopped to get the mail, I came across a curled up cat napping in the bushes. This cat was sound asleep, that is, until I got a bit too close.

But I thought… I wish I could sleep so darn well! Must be nice!

Enjoying the Sun

Enjoying the Sun

The Muffins love to bask in the sun in their backyard!

'World's smallest puppy' returns home to Calif.

SACRAMENTO, CA - The puppy, whose story of survival captured the nation's heart, returned home to Northern California on Wednesday night after a five-day media tour in New York.

Beyonce, who is named after the singer Beyonce for her "Survivor" song, weighed 1 ounce at birth; she was so small she could fit into a tablespoon.

The World Record Academy declared Beyonce the world's smallest puppy born full-term, according to Grace Foundation Executive Director Beth DeCaprio.

Beyonce is one of five puppies in a litter born on March 8 at the Grace Foundation's farm in Placer County. Their mother was found abandoned in San Bernardino County and was expected to be euthanized, but she was later brought to rescuers at the Grace Foundation.