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It really DID look like Spring ~ last week!

It really DID look like Spring ~ last week!

The weekly rains brought Spring on with a vengeance - flowers, bees, blossoms & allergies!  

Riding (or walking/jogging) the countryside in Southport during April & May is a glorious thing with rich visual rewards for those who cherish the open spaces still available.

Pet deer returned to the wild

SACRAMENTO, CA - A deer raised since it was a fawn by a Rio Linda family is headed back to the wild.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, which tranquilized the doe and took her to one of their care facilities to be medically checked, took  "Florecita" from the Cervantes family Tuesday after the agency received a report about the deer last weekend.

STORY: Rio Linda family wants to keep its adopted pet deer

In a post on its Facebook page Wednesday, DFW said after assessing the deer and talking with the family, it was determined the doe "is a good candidate for release and is now being transported to a suitable wildlife area."

UPCOMING: Wiener (Dog) Nationals - Sacramento Regionals

SACRAMENTO, CA - It's serious for these competitive canines but loads of laughs for their humans.

PHOTOS: 2012 and 2013 participants at Wienerschnitzel Wiener regionals and nationals!

The 18th Annual Wiener Nationals - Sacramento Regionals takes place this Sunday (March 24) at Sleep Train Arena. Registration, which is free, can be done online or at the arena, beginning 11:30 a.m. Sunday. Preliminaries continue all afternoon, with the finale set for halftime during the Sacramento Kings -  Philadelphia 76ers game, around 6 p.m.

Official rules

Bracing for kitten season, it’s not too late to nip and tuck!

Bracing for kitten season, it’s not too late to nip and tuck!

Sacramento, CA: The Sacramento City Front Street shelter is bracing for the annual onslaught of tiny, homeless kittens. Each year, thousands of unwanted cats and kittens come through the doors of the shelter, brought in often by good intentioned people that have no idea what to do when either their pet gives birth or they stumble across a litter of newborns.

As we prepare for the increased demand for shelter services, we would like to remind cat owners that there are many resources available to prevent those unexpected pregnancies before they happen.  Spaying and neutering is one of the key ways to lessen the number of unwanted animals born each year and ultimately reduce the number of animals that end up in our shelters.  

The City of Sacramento offers city residents very low cost or no cost services that help people with income constraints get their pets spayed or neutered.

Looking for Love--Brutus Seeks Baby Mama

Looking for Love--Brutus Seeks Baby Mama

Brutus, a 3-year-old Chihuahua, seeks his true love and future baby mama -- and his owner, Dennis Creter of Rancho Cordova, is hoping a News10.net viewer has the perfect mate for Brutus!

"He's my mother's pet.  She's in a nursing care facility, and I have him now.  I hope to find true love for Brutus, and keep one of his Chihuahua puppies!"

Dennis says Brutus has no pedigree... just lots of love!

"I hope to find him a mate and keep one of his puppies," explains Dennis. "Brutus loves people, but he needs another dog as his companion."

News10.net viewers who have a potential mate for Brutus may post her photo as a Facebook comment at the end of this story.

Brutus seeks true love -- and Dennis wants his puppy! 


Pit bull puppy rescued, looking for new home

Pit bull puppy rescued, looking for new home

SACRAMENTO, CA - You wouldn't know it at first glance now, but just three days ago, a 4-month-old pit bull was nearly battling for his life.

The director of Chako Pit Bull Rescue in Sacramento, Dawn Capp, says a woman brought the pup to her after he became trapped under a truck and was abandoned by his owner.

"[He's] very lucky to have so little injuries considering what happened to him," says Capp.  

On Friday, witnesses say the pup was sitting in the back of a pick-up truck, parked next to a downtown Sacramento coffee shop. He was tethered by a rope attached to a chain.

Capp said she was told when the driver drove off, the puppy either jumped or fell out of the truck and got caught underneath.  

"The witnesses at the coffee shop all tried to get the driver's attention, yelling 'back up, back up!'" Capp said.

The driver eventually stopped, and witnesses say they had to cut the rope to free the pooch.